Club Merchandise

DCB Badge

DCB Club Badge - $8

NT Bowhunters Badge

Northern Territory Branch Badge - $6

ABA Badge

ABA Badge - $10

Club Equipment

Hire fee of club equipment

For people new to the sport of archery, it is advisable to approach experienced club members and archers to get advice prior to purchasing your own equipment. After about 2 – 3 months the purchase of your own equipment is advisable, because becoming familiar with your equipment and setting it up specifically for your own requirements will improve both form and accuracy which will lead to more enjoyment in the sport. Again, speak to club members to establish the right gear and bow style for yourself.

Cost of broken (unrepairable) or lost (not returned) club equipment (includes first 3 visits)

Loan Equipment

To borrow any of these resources, see a committee member at the club (available to full members only).



Equipment (available for loan)

Equipment (available to use at the club)

For Sale & Wanted

For Sale